• Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors providing innovative tax solutions

  • Doyle Keaney Tax Advisors providing innovative tax solutions


Amanda is a Barrister-at-law and a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). 

She has extensive experience in the field of tax having worked in leading legal firms and large accountancy practices, mostly recently as a tax partner with Philip Lee and prior to that as tax director with Grant Thornton. 

Amanda’s expertise is in advising on the commercial and tax aspects of M&As and restructuring including shareholder matters.  She advises on corporate transactions havng considerable experience in mergers and corporate reorganisations.  She also advises individuals in estate and retirement planning, trusts, insolvency and all aspects of property transactions with specialised experience in stamp duty and stamp  duty  planning.  

Amanda has an expanse of technical writing experience having authored and co-authored a number of publications including Bloomsbury’s Irish Law of Stamp Duty and the Irish Taxation Institute’s Corporate Transactions: Tax and Legal  Issues.  

In  addition to her publishing experience, Amanda contributes to the major professional journals and is a regular speaker at conferences in addition to being an active member of a number of committees and boards across a number of professional bodies.

Amanda-Jayne Comyn mobile (087) 9759349

Email: amanda@doylekeaney.ie